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Why Advertise?

Architects builders and developers in the GCC push towards creating more green buildings, the demand for sustainable building materials may exceed the supply. Government efforts to promote sustainability over the last three years have seen a recent surge in movement towards green construction projects as developers realise the increasing need for buildings to display sustainability in order to be marketable to an increasingly environmentally-conscious brand of consumer. As green buildings become more popular, manufacturers are working to produce new and innovative green building materials that show high performance and sustainability. is a niche online search site showcasing green building products and services in Qatar and the GCC. Buyers looking for Green products in specific will access this site to look for products and services. We connect people seeking healthier options with companies offering innovative products and services, along with the most current information in the field of sustainability.

The following are the advertisement options, specifications and cost for advertising in the Qatar Green Directory:


Advertising Rates in Qatar Riyal
Listing Packages Section Tenure Rate Description
Platinum Search Result Page Yearly 4,400 Click here to view the features
Gold Search Result Page Yearly 3,300 Click here to view the features
Silver Search Result Page Yearly 2,200 Click here to view the features
Category Sponspor
  Home Page Monthly 5,500 Space to showcase the brand logo / product image. On click of that users will land in search results page for that classification with the sponsor listing being top of all the results
  Sponsored Ads Monthly 3,300 Irrespective of the search results, the results page will have 5 ad slots in the right side of the results page with Company name, logo, number and classification. On click of that user will be taken to the Company Detail Page.
  Search By Category Page Monthly 3,300 In Search by Category page, left side navigation panel has 17 main categories displayed. On click of that, users will be taken to the page with all the sub-classifications under that. Sponsors to have Company Name, Logo, Contact details and 3 bullet point description in that page.
Feature Products
  Home Page Monthly 3,300 Companies can showcase their products picture along with title and small description. On click of the "Read More" button users will land in company detail page
Display Banner Ad
  Search By Category Page Monthly 3,750 Display ad of size 468x60 of Static / Flash ads. 3 ads in rotation.
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